RGA - a mainline advertising agency for over two decades.”

The promoter of RGA DIGITAL is RGA, a leading mainline advertising agency for over 21 years.

RGA is an INS accredited advertising agency which has positioned itself as a full-service, creative agency engaged in shaping, launching and positioning brands; RIGHT FROM GENESIS TO ACME, which is also its motto.

Shaping up an idea into a concept, to generate powerful and measurable results has been RGA’s forte for over two decades. Over the years, RGA has earned a sterling reputation as a truly creative, trustworthy, full-service advertising agency with razor-edged sharpness.

Seeing tumultuous changes in the industry owing to “digital revolution” and to put forth the benefits of digital media to its clients, RGA felt the need to expand its service offerings. This led to the establishment of RGA DIGITAL, a full-service digital agency.