Common digital marketing questions that hassle most business owners

In the older days, if a small business owner wanted to market his product, all he had to do was call up his paper and put in an advt or put up a billboard or send out a few direct mailers to his prospects. But today everyone is trying to sell him the idea of adopting the digital mediums to market his products. Even the newspapers are full of what’s happening on social media.

The problem is that the traditional business owner who has been used to the traditional mediums of marketing knows little or nothing about how this medium works, as also the various blogs, articles and helpful ‘How to tips’ only confuse the poor guy even more.

One can’t overstate the confusion, stress and genuine fear many small business owners feel about implementing the digital marketing tactics. Not only do they not have the right answers, they are ever so suspicious of the marketer selling him the idea of digital / in-bound marketing for promoting his brand.

So, here I am trying to provide simple answers to some common

Digital marketing questions that hassle most business owners.


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Ravi Choudhary

About Ravi Choudhary

Ravi Choudhary is a marketing and branding consultant with a rich experience of over 20 years. As CEO of RGA ads (conventional marketing agency) and co-founder of RGA DIGITAL (digital marketing division of RGA ads) he has developed and implemented marketing strategies that have unlocked the full potential of clients’ brands by aligning all aspects of their business. As a veteran in marketing, whose seen the glory of the traditional media and the transformations brought in by the new media, he helps transform brands and businesses with the clarity of analytical thinking and the courage of executing bold ideas.