As we step into the new year we come across a whole lot of predictions and forecasts for the new year. And Digital Marketing is no different. Even though predicting the future in digital marketing is not easy, but seeing the fast changing digital landscape of 2014, I have compiled a list of major digital marketing trends that will rule the arena of online marketing in 2015.

Here is what I believe are the top 5 Digital Marketing trends that need to be incorporated in your marketing plan.

 Digital marketing trends 2015-Digilandscape

So, these are some trends that I believe will dominate the digital marketing space. Take them as a guide to stay ahead of your competitors and build a better relationship with your audience in the coming year.

Ravi Choudhary

About Ravi Choudhary

Ravi Choudhary is a marketing and branding consultant with a rich experience of over 20 years. As CEO of RGA ads (conventional marketing agency) and co-founder of RGA DIGITAL (digital marketing division of RGA ads) he has developed and implemented marketing strategies that have unlocked the full potential of clients’ brands by aligning all aspects of their business. As a veteran in marketing, whose seen the glory of the traditional media and the transformations brought in by the new media, he helps transform brands and businesses with the clarity of analytical thinking and the courage of executing bold ideas.