Converging traditional with digital to develop future-friendly marketing campaigns.


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I am Ravi Choudhary; founder Director of RGA ads (a conventional marketing agency) and co-founder of RGA DIGITAL (digital marketing division of RGA ads). As a marketing consultant specializing in corporate branding, I have witnessed the marketing and advertising industry evolve over the past 2 decades. I have seen the glory of traditional advertising, which has now become a numbers game with the bigger companies. And in this process also witnessed the agony of small and medium sized entrepreneurs, who were ever left discontented as they were unable to fully optimize their limited advertising budgets and thus unable to reach to their target audience.

Over the years with the advancement of technology, there has been a sea of change in the field of marketing. The rise of smart phones and apps mean that the consumers can now be approached easily and cost-effectively. One big positive of the digital revolution has been that now even the small businesses have a voice.

On the hind side, entrepreneurs know that they have the option of adopting Digital Marketing to promote their businesses but most are clueless as to how this medium works.

As a brand consultant I have closely observed this shift in trends and witnessed the concern of business owners, who are not able to keep pace with the fast changing digital landscape.

With this in mind we at RGA ads felt the need to re-invent our conventional methods of marketing, and bring to our clients the benefits of digital marketing so that they could maximize their advertising spend.

This gave birth to our digital marketing division; RGA DIGITAL, a complete online marketing solutions provider.

Embracing a media-convergent environment, RGA DIGITAL shall utilize the expertise of RGA ads in conventional marketing and converge it with the tools of digital marketing to draw out online and off-line marketing strategies that allow brands to send out a consistent message regardless of device or media type.

So, here we are. Adopting the new world order, i.e. Media Convergence, we shall be developing for our clients cost-effective and innovative marketing strategies, that enable them to build their businesses into a brand.

At the same time, through our blog, “DIGIlandscape” we shall keep you up-to-dated with the latest trends and developments in the digital marketing space and how with the convergence of both traditional and digital medias  you can develop future-friendly marketing campaigns.

RGA DIGITAL is here to make a meaningful impact. So stay connected with us to get your tips and latest updates on digital marketing and media convergence.

Ravi Choudhary

About Ravi Choudhary

Ravi Choudhary is a marketing and branding consultant with a rich experience of over 20 years. As CEO of RGA ads (conventional marketing agency) and co-founder of RGA DIGITAL (digital marketing division of RGA ads) he has developed and implemented marketing strategies that have unlocked the full potential of clients’ brands by aligning all aspects of their business. As a veteran in marketing, whose seen the glory of the traditional media and the transformations brought in by the new media, he helps transform brands and businesses with the clarity of analytical thinking and the courage of executing bold ideas.